your partner in business

Our overall goal is to become a business partner of every client. This entails an informed understanding of your company’s mission and vision, your brand and your markets and customers.

Our intrinsic aim is to add value to your company by creating a strong brand and/or product awareness and preference that ultimately contributes to your bottom line. We pride ourselves on being able to do so.

We design the visual communication of your business. Our objective is always to align the aesthetic requirements of good design with your company’s marketing strategy and brand.

Our strength is creating a cross-media experience. Whether print- or multimedia products, congruence in appearance is as important as a high quality realisation of your project.

We view every detail as part of your individual corporate identity and will produce designs which will build your brand and aid your market penetration.

see for yourself

Our portfolio contains many examples of intermedia design- and communication solutions that met the fullest satisfaction of our clients.

If you are interested in having us working with you we would be glad to meet with you in person. Please note a meeting is not absolutely necessary. We have experience in working globally – especially in Germany. In these instances, all communication takes place by phone and by e-mail.

Give us a call on +27 (76) 708 8069 or send us an e-mail.

Hagen Liebberger
Hagen Liebbergerowner, consultant, designer
  • born, bred and professionally trained in Germany
  • more than 19 years of practical experience in the field of design and media communication
  • worked as an art director in the field of internet communication in Germany
  • launched ask answer media in 2007